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Oregon Social Studies

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Beaver State

Not just another coloring page, this printable boosts your child's U.S. geography knowledge as it introduces him to the great state of Oregon.

Oregon Fun Facts

This Oregon fun facts worksheet is perfect for a road trip or geography lesson. Do a word search, color the state flag, and more in this Oregon worksheet.

Oregon State Bird

The Oregon state bird is the Western Meadowlark. First graders will love learning fun facts and adding color to the picture of this bird!

Oregon Trail Map: The Wagon Train of 1843

Let's learn about the Oregon Trail and the "Wagon Train of 1843" with this map of one of the main routes west!

Oregon State Flower

Don't get confused! The Oregon Grape is Oregon's official state flower, not its official fruit.

Portland Scavenger Hunt

Get to know the city of Portland with a fun-filled scavenger hunt that will turn sight-seeing into a competitive adventure.

History of Portland

Did you know Portland is the second largest city on the West coast? Teach your child about the history of Portland, Oregon with this fun sheet!

Word Search: Oregon Facts

This word search is all about Oregon! Help your child learn some fun facts about Oregon, and then find the hidden vocabulary words.

Oregon State Flag

Did you know that the Oregon state flag has different images on either side? Color each side of the flag and read about what each picture symbolizes.

Fill in States Map

Kids use their knowledge of geography to fill in the missing U.S. state names on this third grade social studies worksheet.

Oregon Geography

Here's a great worksheet for boosting map-reading skills, and it teaches kids all about the geography of the state of Oregon, too.

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