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Kindergarten Science

Kindergarten Science Projects
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Optical Illusions

Can you fool your eyes and your brain with an optical illusion? The purpose of this science fair project is to demonstrate various kinds of optical illusions.

Hide and Go Listen: A Hearing Activity

This play-activity causes young children to focus on and become more aware of their sense of hearing and the power of their ears.

Does the Temperature Underground Vary as Much as the Surface Temperature Does?

The goal of this science fair project is to determine whether the temperature underground varies from the ground surface temperature.

Discovering the Best Water for Plants

Water, along with soil and light, is a necessary component for plant growth. So what's better for promoting plant growth: tap water, or rain water?

Transforming Tree: Tracking Change through the Seasons

In this science fair project, young children notice and track changes in trees throughout the year.

Meteorologist for a Day

This experiment challenges students to forecast the weather based on the surrounding areas' weather.

Sun Print: How Solar Energy Creates Chemical Changes

In this science fair project, we'll explore how blocking the sun's light can stop those can stop photosensitive paper from changing color.

How Do Weather Conditions Affect How Fast a Puddle Evaporates?

In this science fair project, kids measure how weather conditions affect how fast a puddle evaporates.

How Does Moisture Affect the Color of Soil?

The purpose of this science fair project is to determine how moisture affects the color of soil.

How Does Pressure Change Minerals?

In this science fair project, students learn how pressure can make the minerals in a rock line up in the same direction and form bands and foliation.

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