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Kindergarten Science

Kindergarten Science Projects
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Color Walks: Seeing Colors in Our World

In this science project, young children observe, record, and create collections of colors in their world and increase their powers of observation.

The Pressure is On

In this project, a basketball containing different psi is dropped to see how well it bounces.

Tensile Strength Test

In this science experiment, do tensile strength test on fishing line, a strand of hair, a rubber band, and any other materials you're curious about!

Can Sound Travel through a Barrier?

The purpose of this science fair project is to determine whether you can hear sound through a barrier.

Into Thin Air

This science fair project idea investigates whether air has mass and weight.

Glove In a Jar: Demonstration of a Closed System

In this science fair experiment, children demonstrate the relationship between the amount of stuff and the amount of pressure in a closed system.

How Sound Travels Through Air and Solids

This classic children's game demonstrates how sound travels through air vs. through a solid.

Exploring Static Electricity with Sticky Balloons

This science fair project introduces children to static electricity and the idea that electricity is more than lights and plugs.

The Speed of Sound on a String

This classic children's game-connecting two cups with a string-demonstrates sound's ability to travel through air vs through a solid.

Air Pressure Science Experiment: Balloon and a Jar

In this air pressure science experiment with a balloon and a jar, children will use heat to create a partial vacuum and suck a balloon into a jar.

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