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9 to 12th social science

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Does Texting Enhance Finger Dexterity?

This experiment evaluates whether frequent texters have better finger dexterity compared to people that rarely use text messaging.

Are Cell Phone Conversations More Distracting than Normal Conversations?

This experiment explores how listening in to a one-sided conversation affects concentration.

How Long Does It Take To Remember Something?

This science fair project idea discovers the average time it takes for a person to remember something completely.

Reward or Punishment: Which is the Better Motivator?

This experiment will investigate whether reward or punishment is more apt to motivate people.

Osmosis: Why Do Our Fingers Prune When Immersed in Water?

This science fair project idea demonstrates how our fingers prune when in water.

Measuring Sugar in Fruit Using a Refractometer

Check out this cool science fair idea on why hard fruits become soft and learn how to compare the sugar content between ripe and unripe fruits.

Build a Model of the Cell Membrane

Check out this fun high school science fair project idea to investigate how the cell membrane regulates what moves into and out of cells.

Who Is Most Likely to Demonstrate Inattentional Blindness?

This experiment observes inattentional blindness and investigates whether certain age groups or genders are more likely to demonstrate this phenomenon.

Who Hates Fingernails on a Chalkboard?

This project determines what percentage of test subjects react adversely to the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard and explores their physiological responses.

Crystal Fudge

Fudge is one of very few desserts people make at home that is actually crystalline. What happens when the fudge crystallizes at different temperatures?

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