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Color the Trick or Treat Bag

This simple Halloween coloring page features a classic trick or treating bag that's waiting to be colored in by your child.

Color the Halloween House

This simple coloring page features a spooky haunted house on top of a hill.

Library Matching Game

See if your preschooler can do this library matching game without making a peep. Have him identify the matching library objects and draw a line connecting them.

First, Next, Last 5

Help your preschooler with the basics with this fun worksheet. Can she label each step in the sequence as first, next or last?

First, Next, Last 3

Have your child look at these pictures and decide which steps in the sequence go first, next and last.

Sequencing Your Day

A lot can happen in one day! But in what order does it all happen? Practice story sequencing your daily routine with this cut and paste activity.

Race Car Sequencing

Have your little learner try this sequencing challenge. Read the instructions and carefully color in the race cars with the correct colors.

Technology Then and Now

Technology has changed a lot in the past 100 years! Help your child figure out which items were used long ago and which ones we use today for the same purpose.

In the Kitchen

Cookies in the kitchen? Good. Ice skates in the kitchen? Bad. Let your preschooler figure it out with this sorting worksheet, and she can color it in, too!

First, Next, Last 4

Does your kid know how to mail a letter? Make sure he can get it right with this fun worksheet where he labels which steps go first, next and last.

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