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On the Playground

Have your kid take a shot at this categorizing worksheet, finding all the items that don't belong on the playground. This doubles as a fun coloring sheet.

What Belongs in the Bathroom?

Kris the Koala is cleaning his house, and kids completing this preschool sorting and categorizing worksheet help by circling things that belong in the bathroom.

Categorization: In the Backyard

Kris the Koala is cleaning his house, and kids completing this preschool sorting and classifying worksheet help by circling objects that belong in the backyard.

Story Sequencing: Jacob's Day

This reading comprehension exercise combines important pre-reading skills with the fun of drawing.

Story Sequencing: Tyler's Day

This story sequencing worksheet helps with reading comprehension, listing, and even artistic skills!

Reading Comprehension Practice: Jimmy and the Cake

This worksheet will give your child some important reading comprehension practice that also combines imagination and the fun of drawing!

Count and Classify: Vehicles

Count and classify different kinds of vehicles in this worksheet. Kids will identify what vehicles pictured have wheels, can float, or are green.

Categorization: How Many Shapes?

Young geometry enthusiasts will enjoy sorting and counting the shapes in our categorization worksheet. Your kid will gain early math skills with this worksheet.

Count and Classify: Shoes

Your shoe-obsessed child will learn how to count and classify his shoes in this worksheet. Count and classify with your child using these exercises.

Count and Classify: Furniture

Your child will use his powers of deduction to count and classify the furniture in this worksheet. Count and classify the furniture pictured with your child.

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