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Count and Classify: Fruits and Vegetables

Count and classify your produce beyond fruits and vegetables. Try this fruits and vegetables worksheet to increase your child's sorting skills.

Categorization: How Many Hats?

Help your child sort and classify an array of fun hats in this categorization worksheet. Your kid will count the number of brown, feathered, or decorated hats.

Say Cheese! Order the People in the Picture

Help your child with his spatial awareness and observation skills with this worksheet, which challenges him to order the people from tallest to smallest.

Matching Pairs: Toys

Set your junior sleuth on the case and have her put these mixed-up sand toys back together again.

Kitchen Chaos Clean-Up

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with daily life skills? This printable will get preschooler sorting household items.

Sorting Supper

Practice preschool skills with this printable worksheet, which will get your kid sorting household items.

Count and Classify: Kids

Help your child sort these kids using counting and classifying skills. Your child will count, and learn to group and identify by characteristics.

Count and Classify: Animals

Count and classify animals by their habitats and abilities. Help your child work on sorting skills with this count and classify animals worksheet.

Categorization: Food

Blossoming foodies will enjoy our gastronomically focused categorization worksheet. Kids will sort food and drink by type in this food categorization worksheet.

Categorization: How Many Toys?

Kids will sort and classify toys in this categorizing worksheet. Help your child sort toys by type and uses in this toy categorization worksheet.

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