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Counting Practice: 1-5

Looking for a worksheet to help your preschooler with numbers? This printable will help improve counting skills.

Holiday Match Up

Help your little one get a handle on the holidays! He'll sort and categorize these different holiday items.

Road and Rail Riddles

Looking for a worksheet to help with your preschooler's matching skills? This worksheet is about matching modes of transportation to their descriptions.

Name That Tune: Practice Identification

To complete this printable your child will look at the pictures and then identify what they are, which will help to give her reading practice.

What Do You Do Every Day?

Some activities happen every day, but others happen once in a while. Help your preschooler understand the difference by sorting several activities.

Day and Night for Kids

Does your curious preschooler know what objects belong in the day and in the night? Let her sort owls, stars, and rainbows daytime or nighttime scenes.

Preschool Math: Day and Night

Help your preschooler wrap her head around nighttime and daytime objects with this cute categorization worksheet.

Cut and Categorize #2

Help your preschooler clue into categories with this adorable worksheet! It asks her to cut out each pretty picture, and then glue it into its proper spot.

Cut and Categorize #1

This colorful categorizing worksheet asks your preschooler to cut and paste each cute picture into its proper category: "animal" or "food."

Cut and Categorize #4

Which of these cute images are insects, and which are animals? Can your preschooler put them into categories?

Cut and Categorize #3

Does a sea star live in the air? Or underwater? Ask your preschooler to sort out the object into their correct categories--"up in the air" or "underwater."

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