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State Flowers

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Ohio State Flower

Better find your red crayon! Ohio's official state flower is the red carnation, but on this page it's hard to tell. Can you help this black and white flower?

Missouri State Flower

Bust out your crayons and add some vibrant color to this gorgeous flower. What do you like best about Missouri's state flower, the Hawthorn Blossom?

North Dakota State Flower

Do you know the official flower of every state? Increase your knowledge of state trivia with North Dakota and its beautiful wild prairie rose!

Rhode Island State Flower

Something smells good -- maybe it's Rhode Island's state flower! Have your first grader color in the beautiful violet and give it an equally vibrant background.

Alabama State Flower

How much do you know about Alabama? Find out the name of its pretty state flower as you add some bright colors to this worksheet.

Washington State Flower

Take a trip to the breezy beaches of Washington to find the coast rhododendron, the state's official flower. What color will you decide to make it?

Utah State Flower

The sego lily is the official state flower of Utah. Add some life to this pretty flower with your brightest crayons.

Minnesota State Flower

Is the state flower of Minnesota a flower or a shoe? With a name like pink and white lady's slipper, it can be hard to tell!

Maryland State Flower

Meet the delightful Black-eyed Susan, the state flower of Maryland. Color in this pretty flower and write a story about how it got its name.

Oklahoma State Flower

Sometimes it's hard to find a connection between a state and its flower. Oklahoma is not one of those states. Have your child color in this Oklahoma rose.

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