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America #3

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Complete a White House Maze!

Challenge your third grader to complete this perplexing maze modeled after the White House.

Soldier Coloring Page

Pay tribute to our enlisted men and women by coloring this soldier coloring page.

My Country 'Tis of Thee

Ever heard of this song? It came before the Star Spangled Banner, and is one of the lesser known anthems of the U.S. Learn the lyrics with this worksheet.

Color a U.S. President: John Tyler

This coloring page features the 10th President of the United States: John Tyler.

Presidential Seal

Your second grader can create his own presidential seal by coloring in this fun printable page.

Veterans Day Coloring Page

Veterans Day honors the men and women who served in the armed forces. Remember these heroes this November 11th and say thanks to the veterans in your life.

Presidential Name Scramble

This great brain teaser challenges your child to unscramble president names and a riddle. It's a fun Presidents Day worksheet featuring Mount Rushmore!

Color a U.S. President: John Quincy Adams

This classic coloring sheet features the sixth U.S. President of the United States: John Quincy Adams.

Federal Government

Election season is here, and what better way to introduce your future voter to politics than by learning about the federal government?

Electoral College Map

On election night, be ready to track the results with this electoral college map. Color in the states as you prepare to find out who the president will be!

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