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Geometry and shapes

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Triangle Shapes

If your first grader is bored with shapes, make them fun again by combining paper and pencil shape practice with an energetic shape scavenger hunt.

Will it Fit?

Complete these real-life puzzle by arranging and rearranging items in a shopping cart to make them fit together.

Symmetrical or Not?

Help your child with his geometry skills with this printable math worksheet, which is all about symmetry.

Plane and Solid Shapes

Challenge your young mathematician with some solid shapes like cubes, pyramids, prisms and cones!

Shapes in Pictures: Secret Garden

Here's a worksheet that shows kids how shapes can be found in real things by asking them to find and count all the different shapes in a picture of a garden.

Shapes in Pictures: My Kind of Town

Show your child that shapes are more than just lines on a page with this worksheet that challenges him to find all the shapes in the picture.

3D Shapes

This shape recognition worksheet is jam-packed with activities. Can your kid trace, color, and identify these three-dimensional shapes?

Shape Chart

I spy with my little eye... some real-life shapes! Get your child to recognize shapes all around him by filling in this shape chart.

Identifying Polygons

What makes a polygon? Get your child in gear for geometry with this shape-shifting worksheet! Color code these shapes to show which ones are polygons.

Basic Shapes

Bust out those crayons, it's time to test your knowledge of basic shapes! Have your first grader sort out these shapes by color.

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