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Parts of the body

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Gutsy Move: Nervous vs. Digestive

Help your child learn about the nervous system and the digestive system with this fun worksheet, which will challenge his knowledge of physiology.

What is Digestion?

What happens to our food after we swallow it? Chomp on some body science with this diagram of the digestive system.

Eye Diagram

Take a peek inside the human eye with this eye-catching worksheet! See a simple eye diagram and learn vocabulary words that will help your kid understand sight.

Ear Diagram

Open your ears for some interesting science! Your little biologist will learn the basic parts of the ear with this diagram.

Your Tongue

Did you know that your tongue is one of the strongest muscles in your body? Tickle your learning taste buds with this worksheet all about your tongue.

Body Parts Crossword

Review the different body parts with a fun crossword! This is a great way for your little doctor-in-training to review the basic organs and their functions.

Blank Thermometer

Teach your child how we measure temperature with these printable thermometers!

Your Heart

Learn all about your body's most important muscle: your heart! This simple diagram is a great way to introduce your little biologist to his heart.

What is a Cell?

Cells are the building blocks of all living things! Help your little scientist learn the basics of a cell with this fun activity.

Taste Map

This experiment requires only lemon juice, salt, sugar and grapefruit. Your budding scientist can get a great introduction to science by testing her own tongue!

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