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Rounding to the Nearest Hundred

Get your lasso ready, it's time to round up the hundreds herd! Your rounding rancher will practice estimating numbers to the nearest hundred.

Rounding to the Nearest Ten

Saddle up, it's time to round up this herd of sheep! Your math cowboy will practice rounding to the nearest ten with this worksheet.

Math Review

Covering a variety of math concepts, this worksheet is perfect for kids studying for a big math test or looking for a general math review.

More or Less?

Need a way to practice your kid's knowledge of shapes and units of measurement? This printable will get them laughing as they show off how much they know.

Rounding to the Nearest Thousand

Help "Bucks" Baxter estimate how much money he has by rounding everything to the nearest thousand.

Logic Puzzle Fun #2

Got a puzzle lover on your hands? Filled with logic word problems, this worksheet's a math-boosting treat!

Round Numbers: Subtraction Practice

Searching for a worksheet that practices rounding numbers and subtraction skills? This printable uses estimation to subtract three digit numbers.

Making Change at the Gift Shop

On this third grade math worksheet, kids solve decimal subtraction problems as they calculate change on a trip to the gift shop.

Rounding Up or Down

Practice rounding decimals to whole numbers by helping Duey the Owl. He needs to climb up the hill or roll down the hill based on the decimal number given.

Place Value Practice: Thousandths

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid practice determining place value? This printable is great for working with decimal places.

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