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U.S. Geography - State activity worksheets

"All about..." worksheets of each U.S. state that includes a map key, word bank, bonus question, and coloring instructions.
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Washington Geography

There are lots of landforms to be found in the state of Washington! Can your child find and label them all on this geography worksheet?

Indiana Geography

An activity sheet for 5th-graders on Indiana. Helps boost geography knowledge and map-making skills.

Nebraska Geography

How much does your student know about the U.S. states? Give him some practice with mapping and geography with this Nebraska State Activity Sheet.

Florida Geography

How much does your child know about Florida's geography? Give him a great tool for practicing research and geography with this fun State Activity Sheet.

Hawaii Geography

Did you know Hawaii is home to Earth's largest volcano? Your child can find it, along with a few other landmarks and cities in this Hawaii geography sheet.

Kentucky Geography

How much does your student know about Kentucky's geography? Give him a fun mapping challenge with this State Activity Sheet.

Connecticut Geography

Introduce your child to the state of Connecticut! She'll get to do some research, with a globe or computer, to find all the cities and landmarks on this map.

Delaware Geography

Your child will learn all about the geography of Delaware by labeling and coloring the map. He'll be challenged to do a bit of research to find each city.

Tennessee Geography

Give your student a jump-start on geography with this Tennessee State Activity Sheet.

Iowa Geography

Is your student struggling with geography? Introduce him to Iowa with this fun State Activity Sheet.

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