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Writer's Workshop

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Write a Thank You Note

After the party and presents, there's just one more thing for your child to do: thank you notes!

Couplet Poem

Learn about how to write a couplet poem in this easy introduction to the classic poetry style.

Dream Journal

Dream big with a homemade dream journal, a great writing exercise for elementary-age kids.

Public Speaking 101

Here's a fun way to get the whole family involved in helping your high schooler prepare to give a speech, while creating a family keepsake in the process!

You're on the Air! Write a Commercial

Here's a great activity that will bring out the performer in your child!

Get Metaphor and Simile Savvy Through Writing

Here's a review of simile, metaphor, and personification, and a fun, creative writing activity to make things like metaphor a piece of cake!

Collaborative Poetry

In this activity, create a poem that emerges from the collaboration of parent and teen in the activity of observing, discussing, reading, and writing.

How to Write Science Fiction

Want to get your bookworm interested in science? Check out this cool activity that teaches kids how to write science fiction!

Poetry in Music

Here's a fun way to learn about rhyme in songs and poetry, and to get your middle schooler writing some poetry of his own!

Unplug Yourself with a "Little House" Dinner

Plan a family dinner based on the "Little House" books, and encourage reading in the household!

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