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Christmas Activities

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Homemade Thank You Cards

Help your child make custom holiday thank you cards for the gifts he received! This kindergarten art activity is a great way to practice writing and manners.

Holiday Greeting Cards

Holiday greeting cards let your child express his holiday cheer and have fun crafting. Make a set of holiday greeting cards with your kid this holiday season.

String a Holiday Card Clothesline

Avoid holiday card clutter by arranging cards into an artfully simple display: pin them to a length of yarn with classic wooden clothespins.

Complete the Christmas Story

Here is a fun holiday exercise to reinforce your grade-schooler's understanding of adjectives from adverbs while she's away on winter break!

Craft a "Recycled" Angel Tree Topper

Your fourth grader will hone his fine motor skills and learn to follow directions as he creates this recycled angel tree topper out of an ordinary soda bottle!

Stamp a Handprint Candy Cane

Kids have permission to get messy (just a little bit!) as they create a decorative candy cane mosaic from red and white handprints.

Craft Jingle Bell Ornaments

Sparkling, jingle bell ornaments are an easy home made craft for the winter holidays and as presents for family and friends.

Holiday Place Cards

These simple yet stylish place cards will dazzle your guests and make fun conversation starters at dinner.

Assemble a Pretty Fabric Wreath!

Bring a festive spirit to your home and foster your third grader's fine motor skills, as you two create a pretty fabric wreath together this holiday season.

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Ignite your kindergartener's creativity by showing her how to recreate her favorite Christmas symbol - the Christmas tree - out of tissue paper!

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