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Christmas Activities

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Homemade Thank You Cards

Help your child make custom holiday thank you cards for the gifts he received! This kindergarten art activity is a great way to practice writing and manners.

Holiday Greeting Cards

Holiday greeting cards let your child express his holiday cheer and have fun crafting. Make a set of holiday greeting cards with your kid this holiday season.

String a Holiday Card Clothesline

Avoid holiday card clutter by arranging cards into an artfully simple display: pin them to a length of yarn with classic wooden clothespins.

Complete the Christmas Story

Here is a fun holiday exercise to reinforce your grade-schooler's understanding of adjectives from adverbs while she's away on winter break!

Craft a "Recycled" Angel Tree Topper

Your fourth grader will hone his fine motor skills and learn to follow directions as he creates this recycled angel tree topper out of an ordinary soda bottle!

Stamp a Handprint Candy Cane

Kids have permission to get messy (just a little bit!) as they create a decorative candy cane mosaic from red and white handprints.

Craft Jingle Bell Ornaments

Sparkling, jingle bell ornaments are an easy home made craft for the winter holidays and as presents for family and friends.

Holiday Place Cards

These simple yet stylish place cards will dazzle your guests and make fun conversation starters at dinner.

Assemble a Pretty Fabric Wreath!

Bring a festive spirit to your home and foster your third grader's fine motor skills, as you two create a pretty fabric wreath together this holiday season.

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Ignite your kindergartener's creativity by showing her how to recreate her favorite Christmas symbol - the Christmas tree - out of tissue paper!

DIY Gift Tags

DIY gift tags make any holiday gift more special. Make these DIY gift tags with your child.

Holiday Gift Tags

In this activity, you can spend time with your child while creating your own gift tags.

Create a Gingerbread Man Paper Chain

Your kindergartener will thoroughly enjoy making this gingerbread man paper chain. This activity is small on cost, but large on imagination!

Santa Mask

This Santa mask is a fun way to celebrate Christmas with your kindergartener. Make a Santa mask to bring a little cheer to your Christmas season.

Make "Elf Tickets" for Holiday Giving

Send big holiday love on a small budget by sending these "Elf Tickets" this year...and give your child some writing practice in the bargain.

Snowman Paper Bag Puppet

During this chilly winter season, try this fun indoor craft with your preschooler to help him explore art concepts like shape, form and texture.

Recycle Christmas Cards

This holiday season, teach your third grader the importance of reusing old goods to create new items with this recycled Christmas card activity!

Make a Tube Sock Snowman

These snowmen are easy to make, fun to decorate, and make cute stuffed companions that won't melt when spring comes! Here's how to get started:

Explore Christmas Tree Science

This season is a great time to explore the many shapes, sizes, and species of evergreen trees. Download our "field guide" activity and learn more!

Holiday Gift Budget

Use the holiday gift giving season as an excuse to give your fourth grader a valuable lesson in making and keeping a budget!

Paper Reindeer

Create your very own adorable reindeer to keep you company throughout the holiday season.

Create an Acrostic Christmas Card

Here's a 2nd-3rd grade arts and crafts activity that builds vocabulary and creative writing skills: make a Christmas card decorated with an acrostic poem!

Weave a Christmas Card!

Reuse old Christmas cards by showing your fourth grader how to weave strips of them together to create new and unique woven holiday cards!

Rudolph Card Holder

Make this cute Rudolph holiday card holder so you can keep track of them and share them with the world.

Angel Craft

This angel craft for kids makes for a beautiful Christmas decoration. Make an angel craft for kids this holiday season.

Paper Snow Globe

Who said snow globes have to be round and made of glass? Here’s our take on this holiday favorite, using paper and plastic.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Mad Libs!

Here's a fun holiday activity that will have you and your child singing, laughing, and using a thesaurus!

How to Make a Paper Snowflake

Learn how to make a paper snowflake with these simple instructions. Help your child learn how to make a paper snowflake with only paper and scissors.

Create a Snowflake Garland!

This snowflake garland will bring some winter wonder to your house. Make a sparkling snowflake garland with your child this winter.

Homemade Paper Christmas Ornaments

Paper Christmas ornaments are a great DIY holiday craft that can be made from items from around the house. Make paper Christmas ornaments this holiday season.

Origami Christmas Ornaments

Oragami Christmas ornaments make a beautiful addition to your family's tree. Make origami Christmas ornaments out of old wrapping paper this holiday season.

Make a Santa "Wish List" Holder

Make a Santa-shaped "wish card" holder for your child...and sneak in some solid practice in reading and writing, too!

Fingerpaint Christmas Cards

These homemade thumbprint cards are as personalized as it gets, and your child will love using his prints to make holiday magic!

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Cards

With a little guidance from parents, youngsters can create a Christmas tree using their thumb as a stamp.

Make a Paper Plate Reindeer

This activity spotlights everyone's favorite reindeer, Rudolph, and preserves your child's handprints in his "antlers".

Learn Shapes with a Santa Collage

Disguise a lesson focused on shape recognition as a Santa collage, and your pre-kindergartener won't even realize she's learning!

Create a Picasso-Inspired Santa

This Christmas collage lets your child learn shapes, cubist art of Picasso and have fun during the holidays!

DIY Homemade Snow Globe

This homemade snow globe is fun for kids who are excited about the arrival of winter. Kids can complete this snow globe craft quickly and easily.

Papier-Mâché Snowman

This paper mache snowman is a unique winter craft for kids. Use this paper mache snowman to show your child the wonders of this three-dimensional art form.

Make Marbled Christmas Balls

Forget mass-produced, store bought holiday ornaments. Your fifth grader can usher in the holidays by making his own homemade marbled Christmas balls!

Make Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

Candy cane ornaments bring some cheer to your Christmas tree. Make a batch of candy cane ornaments with your child to practice patterning and fine motor skills.

Make a Hershey's Kiss Christmas Tree

Help your child practice her counting as she makes this fun and festive holiday decoration!

Christmas Card Holder Craft

This Christmas card holder craft is a great activity for your child. Make a Christmas card holder with your child this holiday season.

Make a Magazine Christmas Tree

Here's a green arts and crafts activity that will get your preteen into the holiday spirit: transform an old magazine into a miniature Christmas tree!

Christmas Countdown on Santa's Beard!

This countdown to Christmas craft is fun for kids who are excited for the holiday. Countdown to Christmas with this fun holiday activity.

Make Rudolph Treat Cups

These handmade Christmas treat cups are perfect for house parties, school celebrations, and holiday bake sales.

Gingerbread Logic

Baking holiday gingerbread men has ever been more educational! Your kindergartener will work on fine motor skills, logic, and counting in this cookie activity.

Craft Your Own Holiday Gift Bags

Prepare for the holiday madness by enlisting your preschooler or kindergartener's creativity to make gift bags this holiday season.

Photo Mobile

Make a meaningful mobile with family photos using only a paper towel roll and some paper clips. Here's how:

Make Holiday Napkin Rings

Your preschooler can help you make napkin rings that are pretty, practical, and can dress up your holiday table - for pennies!

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