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Make Chicken Souse

Chicken souse is a delicious dish native to the Caribbean. Much like American chicken soup, souse contains meat, broth and vegetables but with an island twist.

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Baked rather than fried, these sweet potato fries are a healthier alternative to classic French fries.

Make Ham and Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potatoes lend a creamy texture and peppery seasoning gives a spicy kick in this fall hash recipe.

Homemade Halloween Treats

Homemade Halloween treats make great party foods for an All Hallow's Eve get together. These four homemade Halloween treats are scary-good.

The Perfect Pumpkin Soup

Nothing says October like pumpkin soup, but it's also really good for you, with high amounts of fiber, iron, zinc and free radical busting antioxidants.

Witches' Brew

Want to make a genuine, and delicious, witch's brew this Halloween? Here's a spicy hot cider recipe that should do just the trick.

Spider Cupcakes

Spider cupcakes are creepy-crawly treats that are perfect for Halloween. These spider cupcakes make for a great Halloween party treat.

Make Gummy Worm Ice Cubes

This Halloween, try this kooky, spooky arts and crafts activity with your preschooler: make gummy worm ice cubes! A perfect addition to any Halloween party.

Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

Look no further for your healthy Halloween treats. These pumpkin cookies are sweet, fluffy, soft, and perfect for a Halloween party.

Orange Punch Recipe

If your child likes Creamsicles, he'll love this punch. With its bright orange hue, it's perfect for a Halloween party, or summer barbecue.

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