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Holiday Crafts

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Make Your Own Stress Ball

Your child can help eliminate stress for himself or a loved one by creating a colorful, homemade stress ball.

Cookie Jar

With a few basic art supplies and a little imagination, you can repurpose empty oatmeal containers into a one-of-a-kind Father's Day cookie jar.

New Year's Eve Hats

New Year's Eve hats let you wear your celebratory spirit on your head. Make New Year's Eve hats with year child to ring in the New Year in style.

Family Time Capsule

"Wrap up" the old year and welcome the new with this family time capsule that supports your first grader's reading and writing skills.

A Special Gift from Grandpa

Grandparents are always wondering what to get kids for their birthdays. Try out this idea: a list of 10 little-known facts about Grandma or Grandpa.

Make a Family Telephone Directory

What better way to encourage family bonding and communication than to make a family directory to help everyone keep in touch?

Non-Slip Socks

Non-slip socks are the perfect DIY gift that your kid can make for friends and family. Make a pair of non-slip socks with your kid for wholesome family fun.

Holiday Memories

Keep your holiday memories safe in this crafty photo box, handmade by your child, that's decorated with the signs of the season,

Design Your Own Wrapping Paper

This painting activity uses gross motor skills to create art and home made wrapping paper using paint, an easy holiday activity for your child.

Handprint Craft

Want to make your own version of the Hollywood walk of fame in your own garden? Immortalize your child's handiwork by creating a cement handprint craft.

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