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Mothers/Fathers Day

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Make a Flower Pot Pen Bouquet

As school starts, there's no better time to get your kid off to a fresh, fun, organized start. Here's a desk craft for style-minded students!

Father's Day Plaque

Honor dad's fatherly achievements with a handmade plaque for a job well done!

Father's Day Apron

Make a "hands-on" barbecue apron for Dad this Father's Day!

Father's Day Flower

Make a brilliant bouquet for dad on his special day. This Father's Day craft unique flowers that remind dad of his favorite sports team.

Matching T-Shirts

Here's a Father's Day gift that won't break the bank. With a touch of fabric paint, transform plain cotton t-shirts into original matching Dad and kid tops.

Dad's Life

With this activity, you child will get an opportunity to apply skills she's learning in second grade math, and maybe learn something new about Dad.

Make an Easy Tie for Father's Day

Make this easy homemade tie for a great Father's Day gift this year.

Best Dad Trophy

Give your number one dad something that he truly deserves this Father's Day!

Father's Day Tie Card

Instead of a store bought card, help your child to make a unique tie themed card for dad this Father's Day.

Father's Day Shorts

Looking for Father's Day inspiration? Make him a "card" he can wear...and build up your kindergartener's reading skills while you're at it.

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