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Mothers/Fathers Day

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Tribute to Dad

Want to do something a little different for Dad this year? Have your child design his very own Father's Day "Greatest Hits CD" card.

Father's Day Paperweight

Your child can get out the acrylic paints and create a colorful paperweight perfect for dad this Father's Day!

A Homemade Cell Phone Case for Dad

Make this cool iPod or cell phone case for Dad out of one of his little-used ties.

ABC Book for Dad

On Father's Day, delight Dad--and stretch your early reader, too!--with this adorable ABC book of "Fun with Dad."

How to Make a Stepping Stone

Celebrate Dad with this decorative stepping stone for your garden!

Father's Day Fishing for Compliments

Enlist the whole family and helpful friends in this heartwarming activity for Dad. Boost kids' writing skills in the process, too!

Personalized Father's Day Card

Make a creative Father's Day art card to celebrate your family's hard-working guy!

Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Make a Duct Tape Wallet: This activity provides kids great practice in following directions and makes for a fun homemade gift.

Father's Day Rebus Puzzle

Help your child create a rebus message for a unique Father's Day card or poster; it's like a collage and encoded message all in one!

Pasta Pencil Holder for Dad

This year on Dad's day, here's a creative gift that your child can make using simple materials, some of them even recycled.

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