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Mothers/Fathers Day

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Make a Flower Pot Pen Bouquet

As school starts, there's no better time to get your kid off to a fresh, fun, organized start. Here's a desk craft for style-minded students!

Father's Day Plaque

Honor dad's fatherly achievements with a handmade plaque for a job well done!

Father's Day Apron

Make a "hands-on" barbecue apron for Dad this Father's Day!

Father's Day Flower

Make a brilliant bouquet for dad on his special day. This Father's Day craft unique flowers that remind dad of his favorite sports team.

Matching T-Shirts

Here's a Father's Day gift that won't break the bank. With a touch of fabric paint, transform plain cotton t-shirts into original matching Dad and kid tops.

Dad's Life

With this activity, you child will get an opportunity to apply skills she's learning in second grade math, and maybe learn something new about Dad.

Make an Easy Tie for Father's Day

Make this easy homemade tie for a great Father's Day gift this year.

Best Dad Trophy

Give your number one dad something that he truly deserves this Father's Day!

Father's Day Tie Card

Instead of a store bought card, help your child to make a unique tie themed card for dad this Father's Day.

Father's Day Shorts

Looking for Father's Day inspiration? Make him a "card" he can wear...and build up your kindergartener's reading skills while you're at it.

Tribute to Dad

Want to do something a little different for Dad this year? Have your child design his very own Father's Day "Greatest Hits CD" card.

Father's Day Paperweight

Your child can get out the acrylic paints and create a colorful paperweight perfect for dad this Father's Day!

A Homemade Cell Phone Case for Dad

Make this cool iPod or cell phone case for Dad out of one of his little-used ties.

ABC Book for Dad

On Father's Day, delight Dad--and stretch your early reader, too!--with this adorable ABC book of "Fun with Dad."

How to Make a Stepping Stone

Celebrate Dad with this decorative stepping stone for your garden!

Father's Day Fishing for Compliments

Enlist the whole family and helpful friends in this heartwarming activity for Dad. Boost kids' writing skills in the process, too!

Personalized Father's Day Card

Make a creative Father's Day art card to celebrate your family's hard-working guy!

Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Make a Duct Tape Wallet: This activity provides kids great practice in following directions and makes for a fun homemade gift.

Father's Day Rebus Puzzle

Help your child create a rebus message for a unique Father's Day card or poster; it's like a collage and encoded message all in one!

Pasta Pencil Holder for Dad

This year on Dad's day, here's a creative gift that your child can make using simple materials, some of them even recycled.

Daddy and Me Book

Better than any store bought Father's Day card, this touching keepsake lets your child give Dad a peek into their relationship from her point of view.

How to Make a Jewelry Box

Show your kindergartener how to craft a pretty Mother's Day jewelry box that's fit for the baubles of a queen (or at least an extra special mom)!

Cinderella's Carriage

Jump into the story of Cinderella by making a pumpkin coach of your own!

Make Mom a Love Box!

Have the kids make Mom a wooden "Love Box" for Mother's Day (or any other day!) to show her how much she means to everyone.

Pressed Flower Cards

If your mom likes flowers, make her a sweet gift that she'll treasure with this fun craft, a pretty Pressed Flowers Card!

Mom Coupons

Dads, this activity's for you. Brighten mom's day with a set of kid-designed "mom coupons" that are sure to keep mom happily pampered for weeks.

Mother's Day Breakfast

There's no better way to show mom you love her than with the tried and true breakfast in bed routine. Make whole wheat waffles along with a vase just for mom.

Mother's Day Apron

Make a lovely thumb-painted apron that you and your child can make together to give to Mom this year on Mother's Day.

"Stained Glass" Flower

Create your very own "stained glass" flower, the perfect gift for mom this Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Flower Pot

Turn all those broken bits of plates, random buttons, or other odds and ends into a lovely flower pot for Mom on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Coupons

Help Mother's Day feel special for weeks and months ahead, while giving your fourth grader some good writing practice, too. Here's how.

Make Mother's Day Napkin Rings

Make something special for mom on MotherĂ¢s Day by recycling some paper tubes and the help of colorful tissue paper.

"Roots and Wings" Card

Make an elegant Mother's Day card to celebrate the love and work in raising kids.

Mother's Day Treasure Hunt

Your mother is a treasure, so celebrate her with a fun MotherĂ¢s Day Treasure Hunt.

Best Mother's Day Gift

Make mom feel like the star that she truly is by holding a movie premiere in her honor, complete with red carpet!

Mom Card

Forget expensive store bought cards, this handmade card truly delivers--and it helps your preschooler with letter recognition.

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