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Make a Pumpkin Math Book

This Halloween math activity book is a whole lot of fun.

My Shape Book!

Help your kindergartener review shapes - and build early reading skills - with this creative book project.

Kindergarten Journal

Give your kindergartener an outlet to articulate his thoughts about going to school for the first time by setting aside time to help him write in his journal.

My Back to School Family Photo Collage

Help your preschooler to create this artful reminder of home for the first days of school. Using family photos your child can collage a memento of home.

Make a "First Day" Photo Book

Make a photo book to provide a reassuring guide for your child's first days and weeks of school.

Make an ABC, 123 Book!

This simple bookmaking activity will introduce and reinforce alphabet and number recognition skills that have been taught at home or learned in preschool.

Create a "Back to School" Scrapbook

Here's an arts and crafts activity to help your child put together his own "Back to School" scrapbook.

Make a Career Book!

Celebrate Labor Day with this fun activity. Show your child how to make a "career book" and explore the many jobs that people have, while practicing writing.

Family Photo Essay

Help your child honor her grandpa this Father's Day by creating an original photo essay just for him.

Father's Day "How To" Book

This Father's Day, give dad something he'll really appreciate: a book about him, written by his favorite author...his son or daughter!

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