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Design and Create an Alphabet Journal

Help your kindergartener read, write, and understand letters and letter sounds with this delightful journal activity.

Make an ABC Nature Book

Take a nature walk in your backyard or local park to find one object for every letter of the alphabet. Then put them together in this handy nature book.

Make a Letter-Sound Book

Use a digital camera and some simple drawing supplies to help your kindergartener make a personalized letter-sound book.

Make a Counting Book

Create a counting book, in order from 1-30, to help your child figure out a variety of ways of recognizing and representing numbers.

Make a Preschool Yearbook

Kids love to hear about themselves. And reading about themselves is even better! This personal yearbook will let them record all their important facts.

Make an Alphabet Book

Let your child play with scissors! Put her to work, creating a book that will keep her busy, and help her practice her letters, too.

Make Peek-a-Boo Books

Build a peek-a-boo book and give your child a fun vocabulary and reading boost, on the fly!

Christmas Skip Counting Book

Give your child some practice with even numbers, while creating a cute Christmas keepsake. Create this skip counting book.

Me On TV!

Here's a fun activity that will have your child making his very own television program from scratch!

Make Your Own Sketchbook

Save money and get creative by helping your preschooler create and make her own unique sketchbook to put her art in.

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