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Playing Pretend

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Math Treasure Hunt

There's nothing like a treasure hunt to get kids excited about math and sorting.

ABC Treasure Hunt

This alphabet hunt is pure pirate-loving fun. And it gives kids practice in learning to recognize letters and sounds-- a key skill for reading readiness.

Go on a Nature Hunt!

In this simple and social activity, children use size comparison skills to find objects in nature that are bigger, smaller, longer, and shorter.

Short Story Activity

Help your child learn about spatial relationships with this hands-on activity. He'll act out a story about a boy and his pumpkin with a real pumpkin of his own.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are tons of fun and they're a great way to introduce maps. Set the stage, and your kid's imagination will do the rest.

Keep a Lid on It!: A Sorting Game

This activity is a great way to practice sorting, counting, matching, and other early math skills--- on the fly.

Post Office Pretend Play

Want to help your preschooler learn more about his community while boosting creativity? Set up a post office play station right in your very own home!

Hopped Up Hide and Seek

This slightly tweaked version of "Hide and Go Seek" hones listening: a key skill for kindergarten.

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