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Rainy Day Painting

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Halloween Watercolor

Create your very own creepy, haunted castle sitting in a turbulent field of flowing grass, eerily surrounded by dark, ominous clouds.

Watercolor Fireworks

Fireworks are such an exciting part of part of summer festivities, but it's sad when the show is over. Keep them alive all year long with watercolor fireworks.

Mother's Day Painting

Show your high schooler how to celebrate Mary Cassatt, an Impressionist painter, by creating a mother-child painting in her style.

100th Day of School "Tree of Me"

Put your individual fingerprint on the 100th Day of School (literally!) with this activity.

Make a Handprint Butterfly

Show your preschooler how to make a print of a butterfly using her hand as a tool--a great way to stimulate her sense of touch.

Paint Like Jackson Pollock!

Use marbles and paint to explore the wild world of shapes and color...and build writing strength, too.

Make Andy Warhol-Inspired Prints

Introduce your kindergartener to some art history by showing him how to create an everyday object print, Andy Warhol-style.

Fingerprint Fall Trees

Celebrate the changing seasons with this fun, hands-on art activity that will teach your child about the different colors of the seasons.

Branch Out: Create an Alphabet Tree

Help your preschooler begin reading and writing the printed word by connecting simple letter recognition exercises with this easy art project: alphabet trees!

Paint a Handprint Mermaid

This underwater painting is as colorful as it is fun!

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