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Counting Money II

Help your child with his coin counting skills with this math worksheet, which is all about counting small change.

Penny Candy

Looking for a math work sheet that practices coin counting? This printable is great for young counters.

Counting Coins in the Wallet

Get this first grade math worksheet, which focuses on counting coins.

Counting Coins at the Fruit Stand

In this worksheet, kids read the cost of fruit, then count coins to match each type of fruit with the coins needed to buy it.

Coin Amounts #1

Someone spilled money out of the piggy banks! Can your child help re-order them? Challenge his knowledge of coin values with a fun worksheet.

Coins: Catch the Quarters

With this first grade math worksheet, kids learn the name and appearance of quarters, find and identify quarters, and distinguish quarters from other coins.

Counting Coins in the Piggy Bank

How much money does it take to make these little piggies full? In this worksheet your child will gain practice with his coin counting skills.

Coin Amounts #2

Is your first grader learning money values? Test his knowledge of coin amounts with a fun activity.

Coin Amounts #6

These spilled coins need sorting! See if your child identify the amount of a coin at a glance.

How Much Money Do I Have? #3

A math worksheet for 1st-graders about counting, money, and simple addition.

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