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Hour Hand

These clocks are missing their hands. Can your first grader fix the problem by drawing new hands on the clocks?

On the Half Hour: Telling Time with Malcolm Mouse

Help young Malcolm Mouse learn how to tell time on the half hour by circling the time shown on each clock.

Half Hour

Practice telling time to the half hour with your first grader with this matching worksheet.

Time to the Half Hour

Let's practice keeping track of the time by writing the time shown on each clock.

On the Half Hour: Telling Time with Clockwork Cat

Join Clockwork Cat as she practices telling time on the half hour.

Draw the Hour Hand

Give the clock maker a hand by drawing the hour hands back on the clocks following the times shown.

Elapsed Time: One Hour Later

If your first grader is ready for a new time challenge, have her try her hand at calculating elapsed time.

Telling Time: Crazy Clocks

For this first grade math worksheet, kids look at each analog clock, determine the time, and write the time in the spaces provided.

Telling the Time 2

Help your child practice his time telling with this printable worksheet, which challenges him to read the hands on a clock.

Time Review: On the Hour and Half Hour

Offering lots of time telling practice on the hour and half hour, this worksheet is a great refresher.

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