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My kids love pretending that our living room is another world: sometimes the ocean, sometimes space, sometimes a playground (unfortunately), and it always changes. These neighborhood worksheets have been great to spark my kids imagination and help them learn vocabulary -- and just have fun.

3.5 based on 22 ratings

My kids love watching these dinosaurs appear before their very eyes as they connect the dots -- learning all about dinosaurs and getting the satisfaction of drawing their own.

3.3 based on 42 ratings

I've collected some of the most fun and engaging activities that are helping my kid to draw while developing her fine motor skills. These activities also motivate her to want to use pens and pencils and start to draw the alphabet and numbers. She also learns the names of body parts, builds appreciation for colors and builds her self esteem through practice and mastery.

5.0 based on 3 ratings

My kids love learning the alphabet, especially using object they are familiar with (and in this case, have colored!). These alphabet flashcards will not only build your kids fine motor skills but have them learning the letters of the alphabet in  no time

3.8 based on 20 ratings

My preschool kids love anything related to monkeys -- and I found these great worksheets that are both fun and educational.

3.5 based on 2 ratings

These dinosaur coloring sheets will have your kids build their drawing skills while learning about the ancient world of dinosaurs. Great facts and great fun. This is one of the few history lessons that will captivate your kids.

3.8 based on 6 ratings

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