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Independent Study: Fifth Grade

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This independent packet is ready to go with minimal prep time. In this packet, students will be able to:

  • Read for 20 minutes and answer comprehension questions
  • Compare characters based on their descriptions
  • Persuade people to like their emoji creation
  • Find the meanings of words using context clues in sentences
  • Calculate the time in different time zones in the United States
  • Focus on states in the United States and their locations this week
  • Read about matter, gravity, sun energy, plants, and ecosystems this week
  • Read about and write plays or screenplays
  • Create different equations using the same four numbers
  • Practice the order of operations
  • Read a fictional text and make inferences
  • Write a story using different types of sentences
  • Practice making conversions using liquid measurements and visuals
  • Read two texts about the brain and color in the parts of the brain
  • Use a Venn diagram to compare two nonfiction reading texts
  • Complete a Frayer model with a word that describes a part of the brain
  • Follow place value clues to discover the mystery number
  • CLICK on the image to download the complete independent study packet.
  • Both color and printer-friendly black-and-white versions of the independent study packets are available for download.
  • In general, this packet covers the following subjects:
    • Reading: nonfiction and fiction texts
    • Writing: plays, screenplays, and persuasive writing
    • Grammar Practice: sentence structure, punctuation, and vocabulary
    • Math: creating and solving equations and metric conversions
    • Science: nonfiction texts about matter, gravity, sun energy, plants, and ecosystems
    • Social Studies: geography of the states in the United States

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