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Independent Study: First Grade

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  • Preparing for students' time away from the classroom has never been easier than with this independent study packet! You can help your students keep their skills sharp by using these worksheets and activities.
  • In this independent study packet, students will be able to:
    • Read for 15 minutes each day and demonstrate their understanding by completing activities from their reading log
    • Write all about their day
    • Determine if numbers are even or odd
    • Count to 100
    • Solve addition and subtraction problems within 10
    • Organize and interpret data with up to three categories
    • Answer questions about data points
    • Write about their favorite animal
    • Spell difficult emotion words and discuss their meaning
    • Study a map and refer to the map to answer questions
  • CLICK on the image to download the full independent study packet.
  • Both color and printer-friendly black-and-white versions of the independent study packets are available for download.
  • In general, this packet breaks down into this approximate collection of resources for the day:
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Grammar Practice
    • Math
    • Social Studies or Science

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