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Life Cycle of a Plant

From seed to flower, students will learn all about the life cycle of a plant in this science lesson. Your class will discover what living things need to grow, and learn the various stages of a plant’s life span, with new vocabulary words.
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Students will be able to recite and draw the life cycle of a plant. Students will be able to name the three things plants need to grow.

(10 minutes)
  1. Introduce the class to the topic of the lesson, the life cycle of a plant. Explain that the life cycle of most plants start with a seed, and then ends with a fully-grown plant.
  2. Engage students in a discussion about what they know about plants. Some great discussion questions include: What are some examples of plants we might see? Where do we see plants? What are some things that plants need in order to grow?
  3. Tell the class that plants need water, dirt, and sun in order to grow. Write these words on the board or flipchart.
(10 minutes)
  • Read the story From Seed to Plant to the class.
(5 minutes)
  • Prompt students to discuss the story. Sample questions for the class include: Where do we find plants? What do we do with plants?
(10 minutes)
  • Once you’ve discussed the book as a class, challenge students to fill out the Life Cycle of a Plant diagram (see attached). Students should fill out the worksheet in a cyclical manner, starting in the upper right box. Students should draw and label the plant life cycle in this order: Seed, Roots, Stem, Flower.
  • Walk around the classroom to gauge understanding and provide encouragement. Provide help for students who are struggling.
  • Enrichment: Have the students write down the three things that plants need on the back of the worksheet. Be sure to erase these requirements from the board before asking students to complete this challenge.
  • Support: Have the boxes labeled (seed, roots, stem, flower)
  • Math: Once students complete their Life Cycle Charts, have them put the charts away. After that, challenge your class to sequence the steps of a plant life cycle.
  • Science: Expand this lesson by having students plant wheat grass seeds, and nurturing them over the course of weeks.
(10 minutes)
  • Assess your students' understanding of the lesson by reviewing their completed worksheets.
(5 minutes)
  • Using the flip chart, make a chart of what the students have learned. Ask the class for ideas. Some great discussion questions include: What do we need to grow plants? Where do we find plants?

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