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Opposites Writing

Help students apply prepositional concepts while having fun. Students will love honing their writing skills in different "opposite" areas throughout the classroom.
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Students will be able to describe or demonstrate the meaning of common prepositional opposites. Students will contribute to group writing projects.

(5 minutes)
  • Gather students at large group area and whisper that we are going to practice opposites.
  • Shout that this will be a fun activity that they can complete however they choose.
  • Lead students in choral demonstration of opposites. Say, "Everybody point up. Now point down. Let's all whisper, 'opposites.' Now let's shout, 'opposites!'"
  • Ask a student or a pair of students to point out opposite concepts in the room or demonstrate them, e.g. by sitting on top of a table then sitting under the table.
(10 minutes)
  • Lead the children around the classroom and point out the various "Opposite Stations."
  • Tell them that they may choose to write or draw about opposites wherever they choose. For example: "Raheem may want to crawl under the table and write on the paper taped to the bottom of the table. Josie might want to pull a blanket over the table and write in the dark using a flashlight."
  • Demonstrate and/or have the students demonstrate the different positions they can choose to write in.
(10 minutes)
  • Ask your students to show how they would write over their heads while laying on their backs, write big and small letters, etc. by pantomiming.
  • Ask what color crayon a student might use when writing on dark colored paper.
  • Have your students elaborate on why they made that choice.
  • Ask a student to sit on top of a table (after explaining this is only allowed during this activity). Then, ask for a volunteer to show how they could write in an opposite way (under the table).
(15 minutes)
  • You can choose how the students will determine where they will write. You can have them choose verbally, point or walk to an area, or draw a card.
  • Remember to have stations for the students to rotate through.
  • Have students work on the assignment independently.
  • Enrichment: Have students in need of a greater challenge come up with their own ways to demonstrate the concepts. You can also provide vocabulary cards with prepositional opposites printed on them to use as a writing prompt.
  • Support: Provide students who need extra help with picture cards showing prepositional opposites. These cards will help them with choosing areas (e.g. a student points to "under" can be led to an area under a table. You may provide adapted writing tools such as stubby crayons or writing grip aids.
(5 minutes)
  • Walk around the room while students are engaged in the activity and ask them questions about the location where they are writing.
  • Challenge them by asking them to name a student who is engaged in an "opposite" writing area.
  • Have them name a prepositional opposite or have them detail why they are writing what they have chosen.
  • Use a checklist or note students' writing grips.
  • Have kindergarten students complete the Drawing Prepositions worksheet.
  • You may write students' initials or have them dictate their work to use for writing sample assessments.
(5 minutes)
  • Have the students bring their writing samples to the group area.
  • Later, hang up the writing samples at the students' eye level.

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