Lesson Plan

Parts of Speech and Using Suffixes to Turn Adjectives Into Nouns

This engaging lesson will revisit the basic parts of speech and address why some words have can have more than one part of speech. Students will then enjoy a fun group challenge to turn adjectives into nouns by modifying the word endings.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will review parts of speech.
  • Students will learn about abstract nouns like “kindness” and “honesty”.
  • Students will learn to use suffixes to convert adjectives into nouns.


(10 minutes)
Reviewing Parts of SpeechUsing Suffixes to Change Adjectives to Nouns
  • Review nouns: What is a noun? In partners or small groups, have students discuss and write their definitions on scratch paper and then write as many examples of nouns as they can in one minute. At the end of one minute, have each group share out their definition and two to three nouns. Most students will say that nouns are words that represent a person, place, or thing.
  • Have students circle all of the nouns that are examples of people.
  • Have students underline all of the nouns that are places.
  • Have students highlight all of the nouns that are things.
  • If students didn’t include this in their definition, explain that there is one other kind of noun, and that is an abstract noun, an idea or quality (for example, happiness, racism, curiosity). Explain to the students that abstract nouns are also “things,” but they are not tangible: you can’t really see or touch them.