Lesson Plan

What Is Code?

What is code? In this lesson you'll introduce students to the concept of code (a system of symbols used for communication) using both physical and virtual experiences.
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Learning Objectives

Students will create a sequence of commands (called code) that will cause an animated figure named Daisy to move.


(10 minutes)
  • Use the game "Simon Says" to introduce students to the concepts of commands, code, and coding.
  • After playing the game for a short period of time, explain to the students that you’re going to change the name “Simon” to “Coder.” A coder is someone who creates commands for a computer to follow. The leader of the game is now the Coder and the players are computers who are following the commands of the coder. Continue playing the game as coders and computers for several rounds.
  • Give students time to ask questions to request more information about the game or the topic of coding in general.