Somedays, parenting can feel like a major uphill battle. Whether you spent the day yelling at your kids or your house is a total mess, moms take it hard when Betty Crocker-ism isn't achieved on a daily basis. Sound familiar? Before you go and drown your sorrows in a pint of Chunky Monkey, take a minute to read up on some of the worst parents ever to grace the big and small screen.

Mrs. George - Mean Girls: Whenever a parent introduces herself as the "cool mom," you know there's going to be trouble. Not only does Mrs. George let her 6-year-old grind to MTV, she proclaims it happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. and serves up virgin mocktails to teen girls, offering up alcohol as long as it's consumed in the house. Perfect.

King Triton - The Little Mermaid. All parents lose their cool every now and again, but unless you systematically destroy everything your child owns, you probably don't know how to rage quite like King Triton. And then he wonders why Ariel is dead-set on leaving the ocean; anger management, anyone?

Margaret White - Carrie. We all remember Carrie; the movie about the girl pushed so far into psychosis that she ends up killing her entire graduating class. But its Carrie's mom is one of the worst parents ever. It's her who is the real killer, goading Carrie incessantly about being evil and finally trying to literally stab her in the back .

Dr. Evil - Austin Powers. OK, so you might not always be supermom. But we can almost guarantee that you don't ignore your child to the point of creating a clone of yourself to love more. Dr. Evil's poor son Scott gets the shaft when Mini-Me comes on the scene to take up the tiny part of Dr. Evil's heart reserved for parental love.

Joan Crawford - Mommie Dearest. The result of a tell-all biography from Crawford's daughter Christina, Mommie Dearest chronicles the verbal and physical abuse that Christina dealt with on a daily basis at the hands of her mother. Crawford emotionally abuses her daughter, locks her in a pool house and even chops her hair. Well, now we know who didn't get flowers on Mother's Day.

Esther - The Vampire Diaries. As an all-powerful witch, you'd think Esther could do more than kill her children to get them to behave. As the mother of the entire vampire race, Esther realizes that she's made a mistake in allowing her kids to become immortal and she spends the rest of her life dreaming up ways to kill them and all other vampires in one fell swoop.

Mother Gothel - Tangled. One of the most ruthless Disney villains, Mother Gothel not only traps Rapunzel in a tower after abducting her from her real family, but she then hoards Rapunzel's healing powers to keep herself young. Did we mention she also calls Rapunzel chubby? Unforgivable!

Betty Draper - Mad Men. Known as the most slap-happy mom on TV, Betty doesn't mind a little corporal punishment. She also ignores her children most of the time, looking detached and bored with their antics. As a final strike, she constantly smokes and drinks when they're in her care. Of course, we can't blame her; if your husband was as unfaithful as Don was, you'd probably drink on the job too.

Darth Vader - Star Wars. Probably the worst father of all time, Darth Vader uses his paternity as a weapon against twins Luke and Leia. Sure, they wish he were dead, but is that any reason to blow up an entire planet and chop of your son's hand? Probably not.

Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development. Arrested Development's boozy matriarch is the queen of cutting one-liners, especially when it comes to her daughter Lindsay. She teases her mercilessly for her weight: "You want your belt to buckle, not the chair." You can take a page out of her playbook to remember how not to scar your daughter for life.

As long as you haven't tried chopping off your kids' hand or you don't serve up happy hour drinks to your underage teens, it's safe to say that you're actually not the worst parent in the world. We all know that raising kids isn't child's play, but you can at least do better than any one of these on-screen parents. Feel better yet?