Plain ham and cheese might be your child’s favorite sandwich option, but do you ever feel like his meal could look a little nicer? These parents wanted to bring wonder and delight into their child’s everyday lunch routines with creative food art. Get inspired with these artistic lunches for kids, and invest in a good bento box!

Heather Sitarzewski set out on a mission to make each of her child’s lunches fun for an entire school year. She chronicled her cartoonish bento box creations in photographs on her website. The school lunches reflect Heather’s son’s love of Disney movies and cartoons.

Illustrator and mother Nina Levy packs a special surprise in her six- and ten-year-old sons’ school lunches each day: a beautifully illustrated napkin that features their favorite characters from fiction. Many of the napkins showcase imagined scenes in the lives of Godzilla, the first grade class hamster, and even the boys themselves.

Using rice, egg sheets, and nori, Samantha Lee creates lively, character-driven meals for her two daughters. The project began as an attempt to get her oldest daughter excited about eating independently while her baby sister was being fed. The results are stunning and definitely too pretty to eat.

David Laferriere started drawing pictures on his kids’ sandwich bags as a way to surprise them during their school lunch period. The sandwich bag drawings were so popular with his kids that David drew a new design everyday.


What’s the prettiest meal you’ve ever had? Let us know in the comments!