Celebrating a birthday, or just wanting to have some fun in the sun? Why not throw a party that will take your child on a round-the-world trip, without leaving the backyard?

Throwing an Around the World party is simple: the fun comes with deciding where to travel, and what snacks and games to throw into the mix. Here are some ideas for getting started:

Setting the Scene

  • Arrange enough seats for all the children in two rows, one behind the other, with an aisle in the between, as found on an airplane. An adult acts as the tour guide.
  • Position a table and chair at the entrance, signposted “Passport Control.” As the children arrive, paste the photos they have been asked to bring into the passports. (Have a few stickers available in case someone has forgotten a photograph.)
  • Tie white balloons in bundles and suspend from trees, or the ceiling if the party is indoors, to resemble clouds.


You Will Need (per passport): Stiff paper measuring 5” x 7” Globe image or sticker Gold glitter glue 2 sheets of paper measuring 6” x 4” Stapler Pen or pencil

  1. Fold the stiff paper in half and decorate the front using the globe. Use the glitter glue to write “PASSPORT” above the globe.
  2. Fold the other sheets of paper in half and insert them into the cover. Staple neatly along the cover's folded edge to form a booklet.

  3. Print the guest's name on the first page. The guest's photograph must be attached as they arrive at the party (remember to keep glue handy).

  4. Attach stickers at each destination, or use a stamp.  

  5. The children may take these passports home as a memento and record of their activities.

Plan to have a game and/or snack for each destination that you choose to “visit.” Below are a couple examples to get your started, but the sky's the limit!

Destination: France

Parisian Fashion Game

You Will Need:

  • Dressing up clothes and accessories
  • Music

Place bundles of dressing up clothes and accessories in a circle, ensuring that there are sufficient bundles for the number of children. You may include necklaces, ties, hats, shoes, wigs, etc. Predetermine how many things you will have in each bundle as it will affect the length of the game.

While the music plays, the children skip around the circle. When the music stops, they have to don one item from the bundle beside them. The game ends when all the clothes have been used. Prizes may be awarded for: Most Elegant Lady, Debonair Gentleman, and so on.

Attach the stickers for this destination to the passports. After this stop has been completed, the children return to the 'airplane' where they are briefed about their next destination.

Destination: China

Chopstick Marshmallows Game

You Will Need:

  • Set of chopsticks for each child (disposal ones are best)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Timer

Set out a few bowls of mini marshmallows on a table and provide each child with a set of chopsticks.

A timer is set (an egg timer is ideal) and the children compete to pick up the 5most marshmallows using the chopsticks. The winner receives a prize and all the children get to keep their chopsticks.

You can add as many countries as you wish to visit, and adjust the level of fun and educational games to the age of your child, but this party is appropriate for any ages between 6 and 10. Bon voyage!

Adapted with permission from Party Ideas for Children by Jenny Dodd (New Holland, 2007).