Do you miss the nightlife? Do your kids love to boogie? Then Baby Loves Disco imay be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Heather Murphy Monteith, the mom who founded BLD, envisioned a celebration that would be safe and fun for the whole family. No junk food, no gift shops inspiring demands and tantrums, no exhibits that were fun for kids but torture for parents – just good music, good food, and good times.

What makes BLD cool? It’s designed exclusively for families (adults aren’t allowed in unless they’re accompanied by a child). A nightclub is triple-cleaned and stocked with everything from diaper changing stations to helium balloons. The events are designed for families with kids up to age 7, although older siblings are welcome. The typical party lasts from 2 in the afternoon until 5, with club-hoppers coming and going as suits their schedules. And you won’t have to impress a bouncer to get in – tickets are sold online ( and usually sell out in advance.

Inside, bubbles waft over the dance floor while a dj spins tunes from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s at a kid-friendly 80 decibels. Club-goers dance, wave colorful scarves, make music, gobble healthy and mostly organic snacks from the buffet, or relax in the “chill out” room stocked with tents, books and puzzles. Depending on the location, grown-ups are treated to everything from goody bags to backrubs – and non-drivers can sip cocktails while they get down.

If you’d rather bring the nightlife in, prep your pad by removing everything fragile. It’s tough to get your groove on when you’re keeping an eye peeled for spilled juice, crayon on the wall and flying thotchkes. Cover your sofa with a sheet, move your coffee table to another room, roll up the rugs and institute a no-shoes-allowed policy so little feet don’t get crunched. Set out colorful scarves, boas and masks; stock up on inflatable beach balls and even bubbles, if you dare. If space allows, create different zones within your house: the disco, a quiet zone with comfy seats, lots of books and puzzles, and a snack area stocked with healthy treats. Invite your friends, line up your best G-rated dance music and get ready to get down!