Is your child a little league superstar or budding sports fan? With all the World Series excitement, now's the perfect time to make rounding the bases a birthday hit! Here are some tips that’ll help you hit a home run at their next birthday bash.


  • Naturally, this is a party you’ll want to host outdoors. Get lots of balloons in your team colors and use lyme and beanbags to create a baseball field in your backyard. No trip to the ballpark is complete without music. Make sure to play the “Star Spangled Banner” and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” If you have a movie projector, use it to show old game footage.

  • What to serve? Hot dogs, peanuts in the shell, and Crackerjacks, of course! Make your own, or stick with buttered popcorn in paper bags. If you prefer something healthier, try corn on a stick, soft whole wheat pretzels, or fruit kabobs. Wash it all down with a foamy root beer.

  • Baseball is a game for kids of all ages, so tailor your activities to the guests’ skill levels. Rookies can throw baseballs into a laundry hamper. Pros can try to knock down pyramids of empty soda cans (wrapped in paper and decorated). Real major leaguers can pitch at a bulls-eye painted on paper. Hold a contest to see who can hit the ball farthest. If you’re worried about balls going AWOL, bat with a water noodle or use a wiffle ball set.

  • Benched players will enjoy a make-your-own pennant table. Buy felt in your child's favorite team colors. Cut lots of long triangles out for the actual pennants and smaller bits for ties and letters. Set out glue, glitter, permanent marker and scissors and let them go crazy!
  • To make a baseball cake, start with two 9-inch round cake layers in your favorite layers. Assemble and frost smoothly with white icing. Then use strips of red string licorice set in opposing half circles to create a baseball. Cut shorter bits and align on each side to create stitching.

  • Stuff treat bags with baseball cards, Big League chew bubblegum, baseball stickers and temporary tattoos, team hats and accessories, Babe Ruth candy bars, printed out activity sheets and coloring pages – the sky’s the limit!
  • When it’s time to hand out treat bags, do it stadium style. Cut the top off a sturdy cardboard box, reinforce the bottom with extra tape and let your kids decorate it with baseball pictures. Punch holes in the sides, thread a wide ribbon through and knot it at each hole so you can hang it around your neck. Then see whom you can cajole into walking around yelling, “Treat bags! Get your nice fresh treat bags here!”


They’ll have a ball!