Bingo. Uno. Chess. Sorry. What do these words have in common? They're all favorite board games, and they're all an important part of childhood – for young and old alike. But did you know that board games can help your child learn? From hand-eye coordination to stellar social skills, brain-strengthening strategy to math and language learning, board games can support learning outside the classroom. And the best part about board games? They're downright fun!

Want to get your child playing, laughing and learning? We've scoured the selection of games for all ages to bring you the very best across the board. From preschool games that foster phonics and fun, to high school games that demand major wits to win, we've got you covered! Here are our top picks for best board games for preschool, grade school, middle school, and high school.

The Best Board Games for Preschoolers
Looking for a boredom buster? Wait. Before you turn on the TV. Think about another box... the board game! For those of you who just can't bear to stare another minute at that well-worn copy of Chutes and Ladders or that box of Candyland missing half its pieces, we've got a few games up our sleeve that may have slipped past your radar. Here are five absolutely fantastic games for preschoolers that may not be in your closet yet ... Read more

Play It Up! The Best Games for Grade School
When it comes to finding the perfect educational board games for the elementary school crowd (1st to 5th grade) parents can find themselves in quite a pickle. Your best bet for children in the elementary age range are games that involve logic, word play, basic arithmetic reinforcements, and challenging scenarios that allow them to develop their critical reasoning skills. Wondering where to start? We took a look at a range of toys which are easily found in stores or online. Here's what made the cut ... Read more

Game On! Educational Picks for Middle Schoolers
Believe it or not, middle school is all about playing games. Whether it's attitude in the classroom, puppy love on the playground, or texting 'til dawn, middle schoolers love to play games with authority, attraction, and friendship. But playing games can also be a great way to learn, and the middle years are no exception. So, try swapping out cell phones for a night and replacing them with one of these fun, preteen-friendly board or card games - you may learn more than you think about your middle schooler's mind! ... Read more

Does Your High Schooler Got Game?
You may have noticed that since your child entered high school, it's a little harder to get her interested in family game night. As your teenager's mental capabilities and attention span near adulthood, you may have to exchange the old pee-wee board games for something more challenging and exciting. Here's a list of new and classic games to keep your teen's mind (and social life!) in top shape ... Read more