As of November, I knew next to nothing about DEMO. Industry insiders may mark their calendars months in advance, itching for a sneak peek at the next big thing. But for regular folks like me, DEMO sounded vaguely familiar, but didn't quite ring a bell.

That all changed when was invited to attend. A few minutes of Google-ing later, I realized, wow, this thing is a big deal. For more than 16 years, DEMO has been a launching pad for some of the biggest companies around-- from Palm to ETrade.

Well, the conference is over, the smoke has cleared, and I'm here to tell you, it was as amazing and intimidating, as stressful and exhilerating as I might have hoped. 77 companies. 48 hours. A room filled to the gills with influential journalists and top-shelf venture capitalists who, with a quick swipe of their pens, could change the future of any of the companies attending. Plus, just like the Oscars, at DEMO, the speeches are timed. 6 minutes to be exact. Each company is given no more, no less, to explain to a room of over 600 people, why their idea is the next Big Thing. There are two clocks at the edge of the stage, counting down the seconds. And at the end of the time slot, the microphones turn off, the lights dim-- they practically pull you off with a cane.

Intense? Just a wee bit. But I'm happy to announce that not only did we survive, but we won the "DEMO God" award, a huge honor and a much-coveted one.

For all of you who've helped make this website a success, a sincere thanks. And just in case you're curious, here's a peek at some of the press we garnered, and the video from our DEMO presentation:

"Picking the Winners at the DEMO Conference" San Jose Mercury News, by Dean Takahashi, January 31, 2008 

“This Redwood City company stands out to me as one of the winners of the show. By mid-February, plans to launch an application for parents dubbed School Finder ( It gives detailed information on about 100,000 public, private and charter schools. That will make it easy for parents to compare schools and choose the best for their children.”

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"Demo08 Wrap-Up: My Ten Favorite Products"  PC Magazine, by Michael Miller, January 31, 2008

“Education.Com looks like it has a lot of information of interest to parents of school age children. Its new SchoolFinder feature isn't out yet, but it's a site I think a lot of people may like.”

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"Aggregator for Kid Info: Education.comWebware, by Erica Ogg, January 29, 2008

" aims to be the WebMD for parents looking for information about children. It does that by aggregating the most-searched for content on the Web related to kids: schools, activities, behavioral issues, and more.”

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Want to see the video? Click below to see us in action!:

DEMO 08 Presentation, by Ron Fortune, Danielle Wood and Todd Schwartz, January 28, 2008