There's been a lot of ink spilled about "No Child Left Behind". Study after study shows, however, that one of the key predictors of student success is parent participation. Here at, we believe in "No Parent Left Behind". And our aim is to show you just how easy it is to make learning a part of your family's everyday life, whether you're a Back to School Night junkie, or a PTA dropout.

In addition to hearing from the traditional experts, sometimes parents want to share experiences with other parents going through similar issues--be it bullying or learning to read, autism or applying to college.  Our community area is where that happens. It's your virtual neighborhood--your place to share what you know and to go for support and advice when you need it.  It's the place to exchange tips, swap strategies, and cheer each other on, whether it be about dyslexia or dioramas. Join the community!

Together, we'll build a website for all of us. A great, global show and tell. A place where parents and educators can get credible information from the best sources available, but also, and always, a place for them to hunt, peck, and click through what other users have to say. We'll point each other to the resources, discussions, and threads that helped us and steered us through. We'll add to the pot. And we'll make something wonderful. See what our users are discussing!

So use it. Share it. Add to it and invite others to do the same. Education is a huge endeavor and no small group of people can do it alone. But together, we can make a difference. Together, we'll learn.