Sure, school’s out, but this summer’s offerings of exhibits all over the country prove that the world is one large classroom. Here are some highlights:


It’s difficult for kids, and even adults, to understand what it’s like to live with a physical disability. Access/ABILITY introduces children to the challenges that those with disabilities face every day. They can try out a wheelchair course, a city walk using “vision impairment goggles” or type their name in Braille. Access/ABILITY is a great reminder that we live in a diverse culture with people of varying and unique abilities.

Minnesota Children’s Museum
St. Paul, Minnesota
May 26-August 19
(651) 225-6000

Gods, Myths, and Mortals: Discover Ancient Greece

Can you imagine the gods Zeus and Poseidon and the goddess Athena taking you on a tour of their ancient world? At this impressive exhibit, kids will learn about Greek gods and goddesses, the roots of athletic competition, and the daily activities of the Greeks. Visitors can arm wrestle ancient heroes, translate Greek messages into English, and compete with Athena in a virtual weaving contest.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan
New York, NY
Through December 2008
(212) 721-1234

Living in Space

Ever wonder what it would be like to live and work on the International Space Station? In Living in Space, visitors become an astronaut for a day and partake in an array of activities as a crewmember of the station. The exhibit has the look and feel of the actual ISS. As a crewmember kids will learn to eat, potty and sleep in outer space, as well as what it takes to maintain the station, operate the on-board equipment and dock a space shuttle.

Children’s Museum of Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee
Through December 16
(901) 458-2678

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?

Be part of the world’s most famous children’s television show! At Imagine It!, kids wander a recreated set of Sesame Street. They can read books at Big Bird’s Nest or learn the Spanish words of delicious fruits and veggies at Sesame Mucho Rainbow Bodega. Older kids and adults may enjoy the timeline which compares American history and the development of the show from 1969 to the present.

Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Through September 9
(404) 659-KIDS

Flex Your Power

The world is growing increasingly aware of energy conservation, so it’s probably wise to get your kids excited about energy early. This exhibit is a great start. Kids learn about electrical, solar, and other alternative sources of energy using digital microscopes and circuit-building. It’s a hair-razing experience. Literally!

Science Factory Children’s Museum and Planetarium
Eugene, Oregon
(541) 682-7888


Summer only comes around once a year. And it's a great excuse to take your kids on a field trip. These exhibits are chock-full of hands-on learning opportunities. So get busy!