Cinco de Mayo is observed in the United States and Mexico to commemorate an important military victory by Mexican forces, and also to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture. Use this opportunity to expand your child's appreciation of the richness of Mexican culture, from savory soups and snacks to creative crafts!

Cinco de Mayo Crafts

Fiesta! Create Chili Pepper Napkin Rings

Let your child add her creative touch to Cinco de Mayo celebrations by showing her how to make chili pepper napkin rings.

Create a Tissue Paper Mexican Flag

This green, white and red flag makes a festive addition to any Cinco de Mayo celebration, while developing your child's fine motor skills and ability to work independently.

Make an Aztec Inspired Mosaic Plate

To pay tribute to the ancient Mexican art of mosaics, your child can craft a colorful mosaic using old magazines, a paper plate and lots of imagination. 

Make a Paper Bag Serape

A serape is a long, blanket-like shawl worn over the shoulders. With a few simple materials, your child can fashion his very own serape!

Make Cinco de Mayo Maracas

These maracas make a racket, and they couldn't be easier to make! 

Celebrate with a Paper Plate Noisemaker

Your child can celebrate Mexican culture by making his very own percussion instrument using simple materials such as paper plates, construction paper and tissue paper. 

Make a Dried Bean and Corn Sombrero

By using dried beans and corn, foods that are prevalent in Mexican cuisine, your child will create a three-dimensional model of a sombrero. 

Paint a Frida Kahlo-Inspired Self-Portrait

Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican painter. In this activity, your child can put pick up a paintbrush and create a self-portrait inspired by this renowned artist.

Create a Huichol-Inspired Yarn Picture

The Huichol Indians, or Wixaritari, of the remote Sierra Madre Occidental areas in Mexico are famous for their brightly colored and elaborate yarn paintings.This fun and colorful cultural craft will help your child build his fine motor skills and open his eyes to a new world of art making.

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Make Chicken Tortilla Soup

A great recipe for a Cinco de Mayo party or any fiesta, any time of the year!

Fix Five-Ingredient Salmon Tacos

Let your child show off his culinary prowess as he whips up this nutritious and delicious salmon recipe!

Make Meatball Soup (Sopa de Albondigas)

This popular Mexican dish is perfect for any Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Make Ensalada de Nopalitos (Cactus Salad)

Be adventurous this Cinco de Mayo and give this simple recipe using pickled nopalitos a try!

Make Creamy Guacamole

The next time you are planning a Mexican inspired menu, let your child contribute with a batch of this guacamole!

Serve Watermelon Water (Agua de Sandia)

If your child likes watermelon, then she is sure to love this highly popular agua fresca, or "fresh water" beverage, that is enjoyed by many locals at street stands and restaurants throughout Mexico.

Make Hearty Chicken Nachos

This colorful recipe includes lots of healthy, fresh ingredients, and of course, yummy melted cheese that the kids can grate by hand!

Blend a Batch of Refreshing Horchata (Cinnamon Rice Drink)

Horchata is a very popular type of agua fresca, or fresh water, that is enjoyed throughout Mexico. Make a batch to go with your Mexican inspired menu this Cinco de Mayo!

Sweeten Your Cinco de Mayo by Baking Flan

This custard style dessert with a caramelized sugar topping is a traditional treat in Mexico. Your child will delight in baking this delicate dish, learning some nifty tricks of the culinary trade!

Cinco de Mayo Activities

Perform a Mexican Hat Freeze

If you're throwing a party this Cinco de Mayo, be sure to include the Mexican Hat Dance!

Learn the Parts of the Face in Spanish

Teaching your child some basic words in Spanish is a breeze at home, with this simple and fun activity that doesn’t require special educational materials.

Let's Count in Spanish! Make Your Own Picture Book

Your child will have no problem counting from 1 to 10 in Spanish with this easy-to-make picture book that you can create together.

Make and Play a Loteria Board Game

In Mexico, children and adults enjoy playing loteria, a game similar to bingo. Not only can your family learn how to play it, everyone can pitch in and to help make it! Here's how.

Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages

Color a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Get your child to color the delicious-looking images in this Mexican party in honor of the holiday Cinco de Mayo.

Color Cinco de Mayo Costumes

Get your child in the Cinco de Mayo spirit with this beautiful coloring page.

Color the Cinco de Mayo Instruments

This Mexican musical instrument-filled worksheet will get your child into the Cinco de Mayo spirit!