We love a good coloring page these days. But sometimes we like to reminisce on a time when we used to be wild, crazy, and just a wee bit impulsive. Even if you’re a little over your phase of wanting to be ‘ink-ed,’ you can still show your cool parent style by giving your child coloring pages that would look rad sketched on your bicep, ankle, or lower back.

This rose, star, and heart design just screams ‘rockstar.’

Imagine this phoenix rising from your tattooed shoulder blade.

We don’t know what it is about these four calling birds, but we imagine they’d make a great foot tattoo. Tell everyone they represent the four members of your family.

You know you’ve always wanted a butterfly tattoo. Make your dream a reality with this abstract butterfly design.

Show off your love of adventure with an inking of a cool compass rose.

Dolphins symbolize intelligence and playfulness. At least, that’s what you can tell your friends when you show them your jumping dolphin tattoo.

Show your friends that you can still be pensive and a little melancholy while living the lifestyle of a nature fairy.

You were meant to soar, but you’ve still got claws. Show your tattoo artist that you mean business with this tough griffin design.


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