In fourth grade, your child will probably be asked to write in cursive all or at least much of the time. Writing becomes even more important in all of the subjects, even math. Your child will be expressing his or her thoughts and ideas, as well as what has been learned, in book reports, research papers, essays, and poetry. Fourth graders continue to review and practice the parts of speech as well as learn how to make them plural and possessive. Your child will be writing to inform others, persuade others, and to express himself or herself in many ways.

Curriculum varies from state-to-state, but students who are working at the standard level at the beginning of fourth grade typically can:

  • Communicate in writing
  • Use writing to inform others
  • Use writing to persuade others
  • Identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in a sentence
  • Use adjectives to describe things and enhance their writing
  • Use conjunctions
  • Use common spelling rules
  • Identify sentence types
  • Write compound sentences

By the end of fourth grade, students working at the standard level:

  • Use the writing process to compose
  • Use various sentence types appropriately
  • Use both simple and compound sentence structures
  • Understand the parts of a sentence
  • Use a broader vocabulary to express themselves
  • Write in cursive neatly and consistently
  • Recognize and use proper punctuation