Are you looking for a new hobby for you and your kid to do together? Take a note from these creative parents and make your kids a part of your next artistic endeavor.

Illustrator and mom Mica Angela Hendricks started letting her daughter finish her drawings after she very sternly told her, “If you can’t share, we might have to take it away if you can’t share.”

Artist Sioin Queenie Liao photographed fantastical pictures of her son during naptime. Using clothing, sheets, and other household objects, the photographer built fairytale-inspired backgrounds around baby Wengenn each afternoon.

When Wendy Tsao’s four-year-old son handed her his scribbly self portrait, she made her very first ‘softie,’ a stuffed animal inspired by the drawing. He was understandably thrilled, and Wendy continued to bring children’s drawings to life as stuffed animals for years after.

Proud father Toyokazu Nagano regularly photographs his daughters in unusual settings. In these silly and sometimes dreamlike portraits, the girls can be seen being chased by ducks, gearing up for the Olympics, and putting out birthday cake fires.

Jamie C. Moore wanted her daughter to grow up with a real role model, rather than the fictional princesses that her five-year-old friends aspired to be. Moore’s series of portrait replicas feature her daughter posing as strong women in history.

Every time Tatsputin went out of town on business, his kids would send him with a black and white drawing for him to color in. The result is perfectly childlike and polished, with a touch of macabre.

What are some creative activities that you and your child do together? Tell us in the comments!