Gearing up for graduation can be hectic, with college admissions coming in, yearbooks, finals, a slew of end-of-the-year activities, and so much more! Take this busy time by the rains and tackle it one step at a time with a checklist of the top things to do before you graduate. You’ll spend less time stressing and more time enjoying this amazing time in your life. Kick things off with our graduation countdown.

10. Order your yearbook. You’ll be glad you did. It’s the perfect, portable keepsake from the year, and something you’ll always have to look back on.

9. Go to Prom! It’s the one end-of-the-year bash that you won’t want to miss, and a great way to celebrate all of the hard work you’ve done over the years. Take lots of pictures, dance the night away, and dress to impress!

8. Visit your future college (if you haven’t already). By March and April, acceptance letters are coming in, and Spring Break is a great time to go visit your future college. Plan a trip with your family or friends and really take some time to explore your future home away from home at your own pace.

7. Meet with your high school guidance counselor. Meet with your counselor to wrap up your end-of-the-year academic plans and talk about future ones. It’s important to not only look back at the year, but also look ahead at the year to come.

6. Write a letter to yourself! Talk about how you’re feeling during this exciting time in your life, what you’re looking forward to, what you’ve done – anything you like! Customize it with your school colors, pictures of friends, etc. Save it to open a year later and remember that time. You can even have your parents or one of your teachers keep it and mail it to you a year later.

5. Order your cap and gown. Do it sooner rather than later so that if there are any problems with fit, you can take care of them in time for Graduation. You want to look your best on the big day!

4. Send out Graduation Announcements. Don’t be afraid to shout it from the roof tops. You’re graduating! You’ve worked hard to get this far and you should share your accomplishments with others.

3. Find a summer internship. Whether it’s paid or unpaid, it will be a great thing to have on your resume and a fantastic learning experience before you head off to college and into the work world. What’s more, it’ll keep you busy and motivated during the summer and help you gear up for the coming year.

2. Send out invitations to your Graduation Party. Having a party to celebrate? Be sure to come up with a guest list and send your guests customized invitations to your party. No matter what kind of graduation party you’re having, made-to-order invitations are the perfect touch.

1. Send Thank You notes. There are a lot of people that helped you to get to where you are. Let them know you appreciate them by sending out Thank You notes to the teachers, coaches, counselors, and parents (anyone!) that helped you along the way. It’s the perfect sentiment to end an incredible year on.

During this hectic and exciting time, it’s especially important to stay organized, stay focused, and stay thoughtful. With this checklist under your belt, you’re off to a great start! No matter where you’re headed or what your plans are, take time to relish in the past, focus on the present, and look ahead to the future.