If there’s one thing that we’re obsessed with (aside from learning!), it’s social media. And if you follow us here, here, or here, you might have noticed that we’re excellent purveyors of education- and craft-themed hashtags (#). While we’re still enthusiastic users of the standard #kidscrafts and #schooldays tags, we’ve been wanting to add some excitement to the parent and educator hashtag scene. Check out some of the hashtags that we wish would catch on.

Hashtags We Wish Would Catch On Education_com.jpg

#uphillbothways: For the curmudgeonly parent who had to walk to school “in the snow, uphill both ways.” Use this when your child complains that her online storybook is lagging.

#littleadult: On your child’s first day of kindergarten, he might wear a snazzy bowtie and tell you that everything is going to be okay. This hashtag lets your social network know that he’s mature beyond his years.

#parentingyolo: People who like to parent like ‘they only live once’ will get good use out of this hashtag. Example: The kids are taking a ‘sick day’ so we can go to Disneyland as a family. #parentingyolo

#accidentalartsandcrafts: For the parent that finds himself in the messy situation that is a surprise craft project. Use this tag when your kids make forts out of their Sunday morning waffles.

#awkwardkidmoments: This hashtag is pretty self explanatory. Example: My eight-year-old is sharing his popsicle with the dog. #awkwardkidmoments

#fridgeworthy: When your child makes something so brilliant that the only place worthy to showcase it is the refrigerator door, it deserves to be celebrated on social media. Post a picture with the tag #fridgeworthy to show your parenting pride.

#kidfashion: Your child might be really proud of her attempt to add some glitter to her sneakers or wear her new superhero costume to a family party. Make sure you add an exclamation point to her style with the #kidfashion tag.

#educationalnoteducational: An homage to the popular #sorrynotsorry, adding this to the end of your message lets the internet know that you question the educational value of whatever you’re doing. This hashtag is especially relevant during movie days and field trips to places with roller coasters.

#teacherproblems: Any teacher will tell you that there are certain problems they can’t talk about with their non-teacher friends. The next time you stay up until 3AM making character puppets to go along with your read aloud, vent with this hashtag.

#questionsfromkids: Adults who hang out with kids on a regular basis know that they ask the funniest questions. Quote your child or student when you use this hashtag. Example: Mommy, why do I have five fingers instead of a shovel for a hand? #questionsfromkids


What’s your favorite kid-focused hashtag? Let us know in the comments!